Staying for good.

Pebrero 24, 2012 at 8:15 hapon (Uncategorized)

It feels like its been years. (And it has.)

I am back! And for good. I will keep this one updated. For real. 😀 I love cakes.


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Enero 25, 2009 at 1:52 umaga (Uncategorized)

Am I forced to flee before I even started? Maybe I was too careless into deciding that coming back here was safe. Because apparently, I was found out before I could’ve said something incriminating. Good call. I’ll prolly keep a low profile for now… or not XD

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Drinking machine

Enero 4, 2009 at 8:22 umaga (Uncategorized)

Oye. Sister’s birthday yesterday and it wasn’t even over when I bailed out just to go with some … people to go drinking.

La la la bawal kasi mag name ng people kasi baka… erm.. uh… yeah. Anyway, learned lots of cool stuff kahapon.

Paintball. It must happen.

Damn. This ain’t a real post. XD just dont feel like…really posting a really long post. Maybe i’m just cold. Wow ang labo. XD

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I’m back… sort of.

Enero 3, 2009 at 12:27 umaga (Uncategorized)

I had a taste of multiply. It was too… public. There are just something I felt like keeping private.

Anyway, I don’t really know why or how it lead me back here, to where all my blogging actually started.

For reasons unknown to the public, this blog was found to be down and so people moved on. By now, I doubt anyone remembers this one, more so even visits here. That’s good.

They say that a criminal rarely returns twice to the same place. Rarely though, not unlikely.

I’m back here because I want a place to unload. But a place where its not private nor public… somewhere inbetween. A place that can be found if people wanted to look… if they tried. As if people really wanted to look anyway. But maybe I really want to be found.  Which brings me back here.

I don’t know what I want to achieve by being back here. =)) I feel like a fugitive on the run, and this would be like a safehouse of some sort. The police could find me if they looked upon my past but who would suspect the crime scene would actually be a place so common to him?

Ahahaha I remember my habit of repeating redundant statements. That’s what I like about free blogging. XD No restraints of any sort. I can write anything I want and anytime.

I have a Starbucks planner and I have no idea what to do with it.

Hello you. Welcome back. XD

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New Theme!

Oktubre 21, 2007 at 12:17 hapon (Uncategorized)


I was planning to do this a month ago, when my blog turned 1 year old, but then certain stuff prevented me from doing so, or i just couldn’t make up my mind as to what would be the most über kewl thing to put. XD ahahahahhahahaaa

Anyway, there. I picked one by random, using the random function thingy on the calculator XD ahahahaa! But i don’t have a calculator anymore because it was stolen. Just like my phone. But it’s ooooooook! because life is good. XD

Bullshit. It sucked. I wrote this when i first changed. Then a few minutes after, the header i wanted didn’t pop up. I found out that the editable CSS had to be paid for and that the words looked crappy. In any case, i think i’m gonna keep this one for a while

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Oktubre 20, 2007 at 3:02 hapon (Uncategorized)

That’s right folks, it’s true. He’s a twinkie!!!

Yeh, read it there. Makes you think twice, eh? Maybe later on we’ll find out he’s actually pedo or something which is why he never wanted to be Minster of Magic because he likes….uhm…yeah. XD


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ATTN: To All DotA players (especially pisayerz…)

Oktubre 16, 2007 at 5:44 hapon (Uncategorized)

Um… I’ve noticed na whenever we play DotA, our games are never really uniform or standard when it comes to rules.

“ilang euls pwede? meka? necro?”

So, I looked up the entire web and I’ve found the MOST internationally accepted standard rules when it comes to matches.

These rules are taken from the MYM (meetyourmakers) tournament rules

I hope when we have formal games *cough**pustahan**cough* we use these rules instead so it’s fair and everyone understands it. XD Good Luck to you all and sana ma standardize natin ang DotA dito sa Pisay at sa Pinas na rin. ^^

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I my phone was stolen.

Oktubre 11, 2007 at 9:34 hapon (Uncategorized)

Yes it was. I won’t tell you how or why, point is, it’s gone.

I feel anger towards myself, the only person i have a right to get angry at anything at all ^^ but it’s no big deal, i’ve already known how to live without it, its just…more useful. XD

The hardest loss is not the cellphone, but the sim ^^

That’s 6 years of contacts down the drain XD

If you want to help me get a new phone, any donation will be most helpful, really, it would ^^

The next hardest loss is that i’m batch PRO and i don’t have a phone. Just excellent PJ, just excellent. ^^

If you happen to text my phone, please ask to be the thief’s textmate! then ask for a name and then meet that person ^^ then ask for the sim back! plx !

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post-retreat lethargy

Oktubre 7, 2007 at 6:33 hapon (Uncategorized)

Yeah, I came from the retreat and from DotA (wth PJ, you just came from the retreat!) yeah, and you just cursed. Anyway, it’s too late to make a post worth it’s content, so i’ll prolly write it over the week after everyone else writes their posts on the retreat, so mine’ll look really cool!


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People are manipulative. XD

Oktubre 3, 2007 at 6:03 hapon (Uncategorized)

This morning, I overheard my 10 year sister telling this to my 8 year brother.

(for the record, my younger brother does not eat rice. But he’s fat. As in, chubby fat. But that’s because his diet consists only of bread, cheese, noodles, milk, pizza and stuff like that.)

Meara: You know, eating too much carbs is bad.
Raphael: Why?
Meara: Because carbohydrates give energy. And mama says, too much energy is bad if you don’t use it. We eat rice, but that’s not the only thing we eat.
Raphael: *has that look of oh-no!-ness*
Meara:  We  won’t get affected as much as you will because we eat other things. But you only eat carbs. Like noodles and bread…

(and here’s the thing.)

Meara: That’s why we like (chicken) nuggets sooo much.
Raphael: *panic* what do i do?
Meara: *sly voice, yet innocent sounding* Well, you could tell mama to buy more nuggets…

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